Successful retailers know that becoming a destination is one of the key components of building relevance and a loyal market. That’s why independent garden centers around the country fill their event calendars with a variety of educational and entertaining special events, from workshops and seminars to private parties and holiday celebrations. Some retailers with especially beautiful facilities go so far as to host weddings.

We wanted to know more about the special events our readers host.

Amy Draiss, marketing manager with Dayton Nurseries in Norton, Ohio, responded to May’s Your Turn prompt with details about the events her business hosts, including the annual Fall Festival, (see photos.) Some community-oriented activity at Dayton Nurseries also ties into local charities.

“We have yet to hold a wedding, but we have held a baby shower and multiple events for local groups and organizations,” Draiss says. “Many groups return annually as we donate a portion of their sales that day back to their group.”

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