Azul Mosaic NovaLight

1. Azul Mosaic NovaLight

Echo Valley

Traditional solar pathway lighting is no longer reserved to the staid and utilitarian, as Echo Valley® extends the boundaries of the category to new limits with its gorgeously styled and designed Azul Mosaic NovaLight. Individually produced by hand, each lamp contains shards of crushed mosaic glass in beautiful hues of aqua, blue and amber. The solar light looks equally attractive by day as it does at night. Although not intended to illuminate a specific area of the yard, the Azul Mosaic NovaLight will create an ambiance that is both mesmerizing and relaxing. The item ships in an attractive nine-piece counter display and is available now. Call Echo Valley® at (800) 592-9678 for more information or visit them on the web.


Ram’s Head Jardineire

2. Ram’s Head Jardiniere

Unique Stone

A stunning reproduction of a Victorian urn dating from 1891, this substantial jardiniere from Unique Stone features a rolled rim and wide opening, making it perfect for lush, show-stopping plantings. Large enough to hold topiaries or small trees, it features an intricate swag and ram’s head design, and the inscription “God tends the flowers” in Latin. Jardiniere is 27 inches high and 25 inches diameter across the top. 165 pounds. Email: customerservice@uniquestone.com Phone: 910-817-9450


Handmade Signs from VJ Studio

3. Handmade Signs

VJ Studio

A truly unique collection of handmade signs by VJ Studio. Our signs are 100 percent American-made from rough pine. VJ Studio features an extensive selection of seasonal and everyday signs. A new collection of Christmas signs has just been released for 2017. See us at the Atlanta Gift Market, stall B2715.


Small Single Hole Planter

4. Small Single Hole Planter


Featherock’s Small Single Hole Planter is now available in a small, half crate of 32 pieces or a regular crate of 64 pieces. Each option has its benefits, with the small crate reducing weight and freight cost, and the regular crate earning an additional 10 percent volume discount. The Small Single Hole Planter is Featherock’s most popular sized pumice planter! Try it as an accent in a fairy garden or as the star of a succulent arrangement workshop.


Illuminarie Shovel Dual-Motion Windwheel

5. Illuminarie Shovel Dual-Motion Windwheel

Echo Valley

The shovel is the most trusted implement of gardeners and landscapers alike. Echo Valley® pays homage to those who enjoy playing in the dirt with their stunning Illuminarie Shovel Dual-Motion Windwheel. On a breezy day, the twin rotors move opposite each other, creating a hypnotic display of motion and movement. Luminescent crystals in the 2.5-inch hand-blown art glass ball adorning the top absorb light energy during the day and release it at night in the form of a subtle glow. The unit comes with an easy-to-assemble steel stake with a durable, weather-resistant finish. The antique bronze rotors provide contrast and give the Windwheel a very regal look. At 45 inches tall (assembled), the item makes for a great focal or statement piece in the yard. Call Echo Valley® at (800) 592-9678 for more information.


Wind Bells Collection

6. Wind Bells Collection

North Country Wind Bells

North Country Wind Bells® has designed and created original and authentic wind bells on the rugged coast of Maine since 1975. Themes include Nautical, Wilderness, Whimsical and Pets, too! There are six collections and over 61 melodies to choose from that fit in any storefront in any part of the country. Retailers tell us all the time that our wind bells are great hits for gift giving for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings and even bereavements. Proudly made in Maine, USA! 



Bedding Plant Sign Holder

1. Bedding Plant Sign Holder

Collier Metal Specialties LTD

One Piece Holder, No Parts To Lose! This design is made of durable galvanized steel and riveted construction for years of use in all conditions. Heavy gauge 7-inch by 7-inch base plate keeps sign upright and stable. Each sign ships flat and easily bends for usage. Vinyl cards included per each case of 25. Available in various sizes and heights. 800-829-8225.


Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

2. Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

Southwest Agri-Plastics

Southwest Agri-Plastics is proud to offer Dura-Bench Original and Dura-Bench Ultra plastic bench tops. All Dura-Bench products are engineered to replace wood, wire and expanded metal on greenhouse benches at a comparable price. The non-porous polypropylene plastic material eliminates rot, cracks, splinters, rust and sharp edges that are found on other types of bench tops.


Table Top Sign Holders

3. Table Top Sign Holders

Collier Metal Specialties LTD

COL-MET table top sign holders are made as a self-standing, one piece design from prime galvanized steel and can be powder coated in green, brown, black, red, white and blue colors. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, they are an economical, durable alternative to plastic signs that fade and crack outdoors. Ten various sizes available. COL-MET is the largest manufacturer of galvanized steel nursery sign holders in the industry. 800-829-8225.


Garden gear

All-Day WaterProof Comfort Footwear

1. All-Day WaterProof Comfort Footwear


Keeping their promise to release one farm animal print a year, Sloggers just released the Gaga for Goats Collection. This new print features adorable baby goats at play. The Gaga for Goat Collection is available in waterproof comfort shoes and boots in two colors: sky blue and grass green. Sloggers are made in the USA. Find Sloggers online at www.sloggers.com or at retailers across North America now here: www.sloggers.com/Store-Locator-s/1898.htm Join their online community at www.facebook.com/sloggers.USA


Natural Pumice Rock

2. Natural Pumice Rock


Featherock’s 100 percent natural pumice rock is safe in fire features and can be used as an alternative to lava rock. Pumice combines the natural, rugged look of lava rock with the modern style of fire pit glass. Available in ¼-inch gravel to 6-inch cobbles in 5-pound bags or bulk bags. This is the perfect product for both DIY landscapers and professionals alike!




1. Quadgrow

SunBlaster Lighting

The Quadgrow holds 30 liters of water, releasing it to the roots as the plants need it. Ideal for growing tomatoes, beans, aubergines, peas, peppers and anything else that is a little larger. The Quadgrow can also be moved indoors when desired.


GROWTM 7-9-5

2. GROW 7-9-5


Dyna-Gro’s all-purpose complete nutrition formula contains all six essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs. Used to promote both foliage and bloom growth, GROW is urea free and won’t burn your plants. It will give your vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants and landscape healthy leaf and stem growth. GROW is ideal for poor, rocky soils, hydroponics and container grown plants. Spend less time and money measuring and tweaking products with incomplete, watered-down fertilizers. GROW is the one single complete formula for all gardeners on all plants.



3. Duogrow

SunBlaster Lighting

The Duogrow holds 12 liters of water, releasing it to the roots of the plants in its two pots, as and when the plants need it. This is a great garden for any patio or sundeck. Move your Duogrow indoors with the addition of SunBlaster Lighting and accessories and grow all year round.


Dyna-GroTM Retail Display Pack

4. Dyna-Gro Retail Display Pack


Stop selling Miracle-Gro! The Dyna-Gro RDP carries three of our most popular complete nutrients: GROW, Foliage-Pro®, and BLOOM, plus Pro-TeKt®, our top-selling silica supplement. At the maintenance rate of ½ teaspoon/gallon, each bottle makes approximately 100 gallons of plant nutrient solution. Each Retail Display Pack carries six 8-ounce bottles of each product, brochures and instructions as well as a nutrient comparison chart. All products have a competitive MSRP of $8.99.


Plants and Seeds

Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Cherry Vanilla’ PPAF

1. Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH® Cherry Vanilla’ PPAF

Walters Gardens

The impeccable habit alone on this new FRUIT PUNCH® Dianthus from Proven Winners makes the choice a no-brainer — it’s definitely a must-have variety. In addition to its phenomenal habit, it boasts 1.5-inch wide, deep red flowers with a sharply contrasting, very light pink picotee edge. These fully double flowers look like mini carnations, brightening the sun garden in early summer.


Colocasia ‘Black Sapphire Gecko’ PPAF

2. Colocasia ‘Black Sapphire Gecko’ PPAF

Plants Nouveau

Black Sapphire Gecko has amazing, black satin leaves that seem to change their look depending on the way the light dances across the foliage. It is the perfect selection for the back of a garden bed, as dark stems support nice, tight clumps, and show off the maroon-colored undersides of the leaves. Whether you use it as a backdrop for shorter varieties or as a specimen, this Gecko is worthy of attention.


Pulmonaria ‘Twinkle Toes’ PPAF

3. Pulmonaria ‘Twinkle Toes’ PPAF

Walters Gardens

Spring is for pastels, and ‘Twinkle Toes’ definitely fits the bill with light periwinkle blue flowers that cover its habit in late spring. Use this plant to give your shade garden a much needed boost of flower color before the other stars of the shade — ferns and hosta — take over. Dark green leaves are lightly sprinkled with silver and form a low, mounded habit.


Superbells Tropical Sunrise calibrachoa

4. Superbells Tropical Sunrise calibrachoa

Proven Winners

This calibrachoa offers a unique color pattern of orange, pink and coral tones along with a rounded habit. Look forward to better flower coverage than Superbells Tequila Sunrise and blooms appearing even earlier. The flowers are held well above the foliage, and Tropical Sunrise has been screened specifically for resistance to Thielaviopsis. Grows 6 to 10 inches high with a spread of 12 to 24 inches. Full sun.



Weed Dragon®

1. Weed Dragon®

Flame Engineering

The Weed Dragon® propane torch kit is perfect for naturally controlling weeds around the home, in gardens or in the yard. It also works great to eliminate the freeze thaw effect on those winter days. When the sidewalk or driveway has been cleared, use the Weed Dragon® to first melt the thin layer of snow, second to sweep the moisture to the side and third, continuing to dry the affected area, eliminating the freeze/thaw effect.


Leaf & Debris Tarps

2. Leaf & Debris Tarps

DeWitt Company

DeWitt’s Leaf & Debris Tarps are made from a permeable, heavy duty-fabric complete with built in loop handles. Leaf & Debris Tarps are great for landscaping and lawn maintenance projects and designed specifically to withstand the weight and sharp edges of any waste material. The simple design makes it easy to transport various materials. Made with 3.2 ounces of polypropylene, which is resistant to tearing and puncturing. Built-in loop handles allow for easy maneuvering and transporting. Multipurpose fabric is great for landscaping and maintenance projects. One Company. One Call. Over 600 Products! 800-888-9669


Mini Dragon

3. Mini Dragon

Flame Engineering

The Mini-Dragon offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, and its effectiveness comes with extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-Dragon is powered by clean burning propane from a small 14-ounce to 1 pound propane cylinder, (not included) providing up to 1 ½ hours of flaming time. Ideal for spot weeding or thawing small, iced up areas.