When looking for containers for their gardens, most customers expect — and find — terra cotta pots or vessels in traditional brown and green shades. With a full rainbow of color and display options, Bloem plastic pots and planters surprise customers and draw them in.

Adam Perez, who manages the pottery category at Calloway’s Nursery, with 19 locations in Texas, says the strong sales of Bloem’s colorful pots indicate that the customers love what they have to offer.

Bloem plastic pots present an opportunity to mix things up in a category that primarily includes ceramic and terra cotta pots. The bold hues, stylish designs and lightweight material allow people to add a pop of color and something different to their landscapes and patios.

“The [Bloem] plastic pottery we purchase is American-made,” Perez says. “[I like] the selection of colors and sizes available and the convenient and effective sales displayer,” Perez says. “Bloem products offer a great selection of styles and colors, and as a company, they are leading the decorative pottery category.”

A big advantage of Bloem’s containers is that they are lightweight and durable, Perez says. These features allow the pots to be moved and replanted easily, depending on the season. They also give people living in smaller spaces, like apartments, the opportunity to easily grow, plant and rearrange their containers as well. Perez has two Bloem planters of his own.

“I have two Lucca self-watering styles planted with houseplants on my patio area, and they have performed exceptionally over the last two years,” he says. “I like the decorative and durability aspect the containers provide, and most, the ability to move the planters as needed during the seasons.”

Since starting in 2012, Bloem has grown to service more than 30 percent of the market, and their products can be found in more than 10,000 stores. Calloway’s started selling the products in the spring of 2015 after meeting representatives from the company the year before during a summer hardware show.

Perez says he appreciates that Bloem is always willing to work with Calloway’s when it comes to display options and marketing programs.

“[Bloem’s] customer service has been exceptional,” Perez says. “Any issues or questions have been answered or resolved promptly, and deliveries have been on time.”