BREATHE Planter by RediRoot

We hear it all the time — consumers today are more educated than ever before. We all carry computers around in our pockets providing constant access to video, social media and more information than anyone could process in a lifetime. Our high tech, fast-paced world has a plethora of benefits that often result in high stress. In response, people are turning to plants as a way to unplug from technology and plug into nature.

Young people especially are creating living spaces, indoors and out, that feel like a refuge and sanctuary from the busyness of life. Many are even taking this idea to the office as they surround themselves with plants and baubles they find uplifting, providing them with small moments of tranquility throughout an otherwise hectic workday. For quite some time, RediRoot has been working with commercial cultivators with the goal of supporting their efforts to grow plant material that will last longer, produce more and be healthier overall. Now we want to bring that experience home.

Thanks to fabric grow bags, many home gardeners are already familiar with air root pruning in an outdoor setting. We wanted to create something that could cross that barrier and allow the benefits of aeration and drainage to come inside. It was with these things in mind that we created RediRoot BREATHE.

RediRoot BREATHE features a decorative cutout design which, in addition to being beautiful, also offers a variety of benefits to plants such as increased aeration and drainage-reducing problems like overwatering, root rot and other diseases that may impact the overall plant health. While the air-pruning capabilities reduce circling roots and maximize new root growth.

An example of our RediRoot commercial product #T3 and the root structure of a Yellow Poplar grown in it.
We featured BREATHE at the GIE Garden Center Summit this past February.

By working with independent garden centers to support education and planting programs designed to inform consumers of the benefits of air root pruning, we also hope to generate sales of RediRoot BREATHE.

“We feel that by treating our customers as partners, we can support the BREATHE product and build foundational relationships that benefit all involved, including consumers,” says Tom Springer, Director of Product Development and Founder of NurserySource LLC.

RediRoot BREATHE will be available for limited release in 2019 and will be featured at Cultivate’19 in the ‘New Products Zone’, space NP3A. RediRoot will exhibit at Cultivate’19 this July in Columbus, Ohio in Booth 1331 and at the Farwest Show in Portland, Ore. this August in Booth 15019.

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