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New Varieties:

Pentas Lucky Star

Pentas Lucky Star from PanAmerican Seed is bred for the fastest follow-up blooming of any pentas on the market. The plants look great getting off the truck and they stay compact, tight and ready for sale with minimal effort. The promise of continuous, show-stopping color is a huge plus for gardeners.

Dianthus Rockin' Red

Dianthus Rockin’ Red from Kieft Seed will keep perennial borders alight for years to come, thanks to its vivid color, durable performance and count-on-it overwintering. It opens the door to premium product sales in perennial quart and gallon programs for mid-spring and the fall decorating season.

Bushel & Berry

Bushel & Berry from Star Roses and Plants is the rebrand of the BrazelBerries line of small-fruited raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The plants are compact, self-pollinating and delicious. They are perfect in the landscape or in patio pots for small-space gardens.

Calibrachoa Conga

Calibrachoa Conga from Ball FloraPlant announces a phenomenal new variety introduction year. The series has nine new and improved colors for easy-to-produce quarts and color bowls. Conga’s naturally compact habit is perfect for pot-tight production. Its excellent pH tolerance and profuse flowering give Conga superior hold at retail.

Tomato Oh Happy Day

Tomato Oh Happy Day from Burpee is a new concept in tomatoes with an incredible disease resistance package. Oh Happy Day produces an outstanding crop of 5 to 6 oz. indeterminate beefsteak tomatoes in clusters of three to seven fruits. It resists early blight, late blight, verticillium and fusarium with a flavor that’s top notch.

Salvia Rose Marvel

Darwin Perennials’ Marvel family has some of the largest flowers in all of Salvia nemorosa. Salvia Rose Marvel brings a rich, deep rose color to the collection. It features a long flowering window and re-blooms without being cut back.