Featuring: Cohen Propagation Nurseries, Hishtil Nurseries, Jaldety Nursery and Kamel Plastics.


New Varieties:

Lobularia Awesome Bicolor Purple White Improved

Bred by Breier, Lobularia Awesome Bicolor Purple White Improved is the newest member to the Awesome series from Cohen Propagation. Proliferous flowering and very evenly mounding shape makes new ‘Bicolor Purple White’ a great addition to your lobularia offerings.

Sedum Makinoi Lime

Sedum Makinoi Lime is an attractive low-growing hardy succulent with tiny, fleshy yellow lime foliage, complemented by dark stems. The variety from Jaldety Nursery is heat and drought tolerant, and easy to maintain. Suitable for contrasting groundcovers, rock gardens, low borders, accenting walkways, between stepping stones, in the front of flower beds, hanging baskets, miniature gardens, containers and in combinations.

Scabious kudo White

An addition to Hishtil Nurseries’ already popular ‘Pink,’ Scabious Kudo White is an all-summer-long flowering scabiosa with showy large flower heads.