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New Varieties:

African Marigold 'Cheerleader'

African Marigold ‘Cheerleader’ is a Dwarf African Marigold with large, double flowers on well-branched plants with strong 360-degree branching. Aggressive, sturdy side branching fills a container with ease and creates a full flowering canopy for high impact in the garden.

Dwarf Antirrhinum 'Crackle n' Pop'

Dwarf Antirrhinum ‘Crackle n’ Pop’ is an early and uniform pack series bred for ultimate branching in the early stages of growth. This structure yields a stronger plant, more able to sustain itself in transit, on the shelf and at home, without sacrificing earliness. It is available in five bold colors and two bright bicolors.

Phlox 'Popstars'

Phlox ‘Popstars’

is a new series of naturally dwarf phlox with eye-catching, unique, star-shaped flowers. ‘Popstars’ has strong overall garden performance and very good heat tolerance. The series is available in six bright colors, including striking bicolors, and is perfect for combinations as well as mono-pots.