Featuring: Floranova

New Varieties:

Calibrachoa Cruze

Calibrachoa Cruze touts extra large flowers that will make you say “Wow!” Each new Cruze introduction is earlier to flower with an increased color range. This year’s introductions and improvements include Grape Delicious (pictured), Lemon, Pink Delicious Improved, Red Improved and Yellow Improved.

Lavender Paris

Lavender Paris is a compact selection that shows off beautiful, large flower. Paris is very early to flower compared to other dentata on the market. The mounded plant form will finish higher quality lavender plants with a more tidy appearance.

Petunia QT

Petunia QT is a series that requires no PGRs or very little to finish a quality plant. The series is known for maintaining a mounded plant habit for an extended period of time. This season’s introductions include Blue and White.