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New Varieties:

Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Giant Pure White'

New from Suntory Flowers, Mandevilla ‘Sun Parasol Giant Pure White’ features elegant pure white flowers. Throats are white instead of yellow. Pure White joins the Sun Parasol Giant Group. Flowers span 3 to 5 inches. Plants are natural climbers and thrive in heat.

Trailing Garden mum Skyfall

Fill up your hanging baskets after summer with the first true hanging basket garden mum series, bred by Royal Van Zanten. The Trailing Gardenmum Skyfall series will allow consumers to continue enjoying their garden in autumn when the spring baskets have lost their splendor. The Skyfall series is available in five bright colors, and can be used as single-color and as mixed-color arrangements for a spectacle of colors in autumn!

Ranunculus Sprinkles

Ranunculus Sprinkles by Schoneveld Breeding is a genetically compact pot ranunculus with fresh, bright colors. The plant has large, fully double blooms, a fine leaf structure and a full compact habit. Sprinkles performs best at low temperatures. In addition, this variety requires less growth regulator. Ranunculus Sprinkles is available in nine colors. Violet is new this season.

Captain Solo

Captain Solo from Kapiteyn has warm, intense and large yellow flowers, with a great and unique potplant structure and a long shelf life. It is the newest development in yellow potcalla varieties. Captain Solo offers a distinguishing position for growers and retail in the U.S. market. It is extremely suitable for small to large potted programs.

Nemesia SUNGLOW Yellow Bicolor

Nemesia SUNGLOW Yellow Bicolor from PlantHaven is a saturated yellow and plum bicolor flower. Highly scented, it is ideal for early season promotional work in 4-inch containers.

Geranium hybrid Glitterati Diva Queen

Geranium hybrid Glitterati Diva Queen is a new 2018 introduction for Hort Couture. It has the tough garden performance of a hybrid geranium with the unique look of a specialty geranium. Flowers are hot pink and leaves are chartreuse with rust-colored zoning.

Anthura Leeds

Anthura Leeds from Anthura combines a high percentage of plants with two stems and a large flower size (4 inch) with a very compact plant structure. As a result, this plant with a height of 28 inches and a 5-inch pot size looks like a sea of flowers.