Featuring: MasterTag, Summit Plastic

New Varieties:

Candy Tops Snapdragon

Candy Tops Snapdragon is a show-stopper! This new snapdragon series features an abundance of fragrant blooms on dwarf plants resulting in constant color. Available in five vibrant colors and a mix (Orange, Rose, Red, White and Yellow), this series makes a statement on retail shelves and plays well with others in mixed containers. Plus, strong stems allow for worry-free shipping and resilience to other stresses.

Profusion Red zinnia

Profusion Red zinnia has already made an impact on the industry as a 2017 AAS Winner and touts one of the boldest, truest reds of any zinnia on the market. Profusion Red joins the long-standing Profusion line, which has earned a reputation for being highly uniform, heat and drought resistant and an outstanding performer in the greenhouse, at retail in containers and in the garden.

SuperCal Buttercream petunias

SuperCal Crimson Red and Buttercream petunias are a match made in heaven! These two unique colors complement each other well with strong vigor and a semi-upright habit. Now including 13 colors, the SuperCal series is ideal for quart and basket production and delivers early blooms and constant color all season long. Expect exceptional garden performance under all kinds of weather — SuperCal holds up well in rainy-wet cycles, late frosts and even the high heat of summer.