New Varieties:

Sunfinity Sunflower

Sunfinity Sunflower is not your traditional sunflower. This next generation of sunflower offers nonstop blooming and more flowers all season long. Sunfinity is an interspecific-bred helianthus that provides incredible consumer value over traditional sunflowers. Superior branching produces multiple flowers per plant. Vigorous plants will grow to garden heights of 24 to 36 inches. Extend the spring and summer retail sales season with a premium innovative offer ideal for landscapes and large patio pots.

Dekko Petunia

Dekko Petunia dares to be different. With a versatile habit and unmatched garden performance, Dekko sets the new standard for what petunias should be. Other petunias fade in a flash, but Dekko maintains and sustains color all season long. Vibrant colors and a compact habit work all season long, ensuring success for the grower and the end consumer.

Calliope Geranium

Calliope Geranium produces more flowers per plant for an impressive show of color. This means better retail sell-through and money in your pocket! The expanded Calliope assortment is now more versatile than ever. Calliope Medium is perfect for quart and gallon production. Calliope Large has the best choice of premium hanging baskets and large containers.