Red Dragon®

The Original Red Dragon® Torch Kit continues to be the most popular torch kit in North America. This 500,000 BTU torch is our most powerful vapor torch and can handle the toughest jobs all year long. The Red Dragon® is a great overall utility torch capable of providing years of service for farm, ranch and road construction, grounds maintenance and industrial applications.

Red Dragon® Torch Kit

Mini Dragon®

The Mini-Dragon offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, its effectiveness, extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-Dragon is powered by clean burning propane from a small 14 oz. to 1-pound propane cylinder (not included), providing up to 1 ½ hours of flaming time. Ideal for spot weeding or thawing small icy areas.


Weed Dragon®

The Weed Dragon® propane torch kit is perfect for naturally controlling weeds around the home, in gardens or in the yard. It also works great to eliminate the freeze/thaw effect on those winter days. When the sidewalk or driveway has been cleared, use the Weed Dragon® to first melt the thin layer of snow; second, sweep the moisture to the side and third; continue to dry the affected area, eliminating the freeze/thaw effect.

Weed Dragon®
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