Streamlined Ordering and Fulfillment

Rapid Garden POS offers a host of order management and processing tools. Auto-generate purchase requests for customer-specific orders. Create pick lists and packing slips to simplify the fulfillment process. You can even manage delivery availability and commit delivery resources at the time of purchase. Rapid Garden POS also integrates with online shipping and dispatch tools, such as ShipEasy and Route4Me, to expand your delivery and shipping capabilities.

Improving the Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations with lightning-fast check-out, digital receipts, gift card sales, integrated loyalty programs, and email marketing tools. Mobile devices enable sales and customer service across the store, greenhouses and yards — you can even use them to sell off-site at fairs and festivals! And, our ecommerce functionality allows you to manage your sales across all channels — a true omni-channel solution!

Production and Kitting with Ease

Easily manage the process of designing, creating and selling planters, hanging baskets, gift baskets or any item that combines and transforms existing inventory items. Holiday centerpieces and wreaths, dried flower arrangements, herb gardens and starter kits all can be created, priced, tracked and managed using our advanced production tools. Rapid Garden POS automatically adjusts inventory counts and costs for the component items that are used to create the kits. The system handles replacement of items that may not survive the production process, as well as the disassembly of combo items that did not sell.

Rapid POS On-The-Go

Take your POS system with you the next time you are shopping at a trade show or vendor market. With Rapid Garden POS, you can create purchase requests/purchase orders on the go using a Microsoft Excel tool that will later import directly into your POS system. New items will automatically be created, and vendor changes will sync seamlessly.

Superior Product Management

With Rapid Garden POS, you’ll be able to manage your products in real time as they are sold, moved or transferred to dead stock — across all of your stores, greenhouses, and nurseries. Sell items using variable units of measure (for example, 6-pack, half flat, or full flat) without having to create separate items for each unit. In addition to tracking total inventory available/sold, you’ll have access to create unlimited bar codes, which allow you to track multiple growers and/or multiple colors for single items. Capture and store product information and attributes, including: short and long descriptions; grow and care instructions; product images; and botanical, Spanish, and multiple common names (even misspellings!) Knowing you stock a wide variety of products, Rapid Garden POS is configured to track living inventory, bagged products, bulk materials, tools, chemicals, fertilizers, feed, seeds, live animals and fish.

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