Cohen Propagation Nurseries

Special series Diascia ‘Morning Mist’ includes nine varieties with early flowering and compact in size. Bred by Breier in Israel, this series is heat and drought tolerant. Basket Red features brilliantly rich and long-lasting red flowers. Perfect in flowering beds, hanging baskets and patio containers.

‘Morning Mist’

Hishtil Nurseries

High-stem calibrachoa, developed and patented by Hishtil, is a beautiful standard-tree calibrachoa with a round shaped head and massive flower power. This one-of-a-kind ornamental tree is grafted by Hishtil Nurseries, with all the benefits of grafted plants, including drought durability and long-lasting flowering. ‘Funtastick’ Calibrachoa Tree joins Hishtil’s Funtastick series which includes: Funtastick Pepper tree (Meduza/Conic) and Funtastick Basil tree. The four colors of funtastick Calibrachoa Tree are: ‘Caloha Classic’ Yellow Chocolate Ring, ‘Caloha Classic’ Real Red, ‘Celebration’ Mandarine and ‘Celebration’ Cherry Red. ‘Funtastick’ Calibrachoa won a Retailer’s Choice Award at Cultivate’17.


Jaldety Nursery

An outstanding color and texture plant, Senecio Silvery Velvet is an evergreen shrubby perennial, grown for its silvery-velvet foliage, heat and drought tolerance, easy-to-grow nature and low maintenance. Outstanding in beds, mixed containers, for decks, balconies and patios, borders, dramatic background planting and as a filler.

Silvery Velvet

Nir Nursery

Nir Nursery introduces wax flower ‘Rey’ and ‘Jupiter.’ ‘Jupiter’ is a new line of wax flowers and is characterized by the combination of having high flower volume and terminal flowers. The flowers do not exceed the stems. This allows for a single Jupiter branch to give the visual flower volume of about 10 branches of regular wax flower variety. ‘Rey’ is a completely new interspecies cross with wonderful fuchsia-pink, large flowers and flexible tender stems for molding in any floral designs. Both varieties are suitable for gardens, as a potted plant and cut flower.