1. What makes SunBelievable different from other Helianthus x annuus on the market?

There are many remarkable attributes, but the top three are: (1) because it’s sterile, it flowers consistently and prolifically for months; (2) as a day-length neutral hybrid, it blooms even on shorter days in both spring and fall; (3) its multi-branching habit makes it an excellent choice for both borders and containers.

2. What traits are consumers looking for in sunflowers, and how does SunBelievable complement these trends?

Consumers want plants that flower for an extended period of time, and can pull double duty in the garden and as a cut flower. They are also seeking flowers that benefit pollinators. SunBelievable produces over 1,000 flowers on each plant in a single season, starting in late spring, throughout summer until first frost. And, while it doesn’t produce much pollen, it’s a rich source of nectar, providing lots of food for bees and other beneficials.

3. How can garden centers merchandise SunBelievable to showcase its features and educate customers about the benefits?

Garden centers can get lots of attention with this plant by massing it in a display, recommending it as a solution for tough spots, and by showcasing its use as a lovely cut flower. We will be providing signage and promotional materials, and garden centers will be seeing this plant in consumer press and social media leading up to Mother’s Day.


4. What care is required for consumers to be successful with SunBelievable?

The great news is SunBelievable powers on the flowers yet doesn’t require more care than any other annual in the garden. Give it full sun, regular water, fertilizer, and enjoy.

5. Where does SunBelievable perform best?

This plant has been trialed in both containers and in the landscape (in the UK and in the U.S.) and has been equally successful everywhere. With a naturally rounded shape (32” high by 40” wide), it’s an ideal choice for a colorful low border or massed in a sunny spot along a walkway, and for adding charm to a perennial or vegetable garden. SunBelievable also rebounds from a hot and/or dry spell, so it thrives in containers. It’s the perfect addition to just about any garden situation.

For more information: www.monrovia.com