New Varieties:

Pacific Plug & Liner

Out of the same breeding program that brought us the popular Frostkiss series with varieties like Penny’s Pink and Anna’s Red comes an entirely new series! Varieties in the new Winter Angels series are selected for early bloom, unlike the Frostkiss series, which is selected for late bloom. Winter Angels can be produced for a Christmas retail program with flowering starting as early as November. The first variety in the series is Charmer, sporting large, in-your-face deep pink flowers on a compact habit. Consumers can enjoy these super tough perennials indoors for the holidays, then plant into their gardens once the weather warms up a bit.

The hills are alive with the look of a new Edelweiss! This new breeding project was aimed at finding a taller plant with larger flowers from those seen natively in the Alps. In addition, the aim was to find faster-finishing plants as traditional Leontopodium is very slow growing. Alpine Sensation can be planted in the fall for an early spring finish but does not need vernalization so it can also be planted in the spring for a mid-spring finish.

As the popularity of Echibeckia continues to grow, we continue to work on improvements to the lineup. The breeding goal is to find varieties with larger and brighter-colored flowers. We have two new selections we plan to release at Spring Trials this year, names to be announced at that time. One thing to note for growers is the vigor of the program; one 72-cell liner can easily fill larger pots such as 1.5 gallons and deco pots. For a sneak peek, we have included a photo of our marketing director, April Herring-Murray, with one of the varieties this past summer. Note the huge flowers and interesting fringles in the center of the flower.

Plant Development Services

Camellia sasanquaOctober Magic Ruby was bred for a full, naturally compact rounded habit and longer bloom time. Brilliant red double flowers from fall to winter. 3-4’ tall, USDA zones 7-10. Available to garden centers in 2020.

Ficus carica ‘Little Miss Figgy’ is an excellent ornamental and fruit-bearing landscape plant. With a compact habit, it is smaller in stature than comparable figs, yet bears large, sweet fruit from late spring to fall. Mature size 6-8’ high by 3-4’ wide. USDA zones 7-10. Available to garden centers in 2020.

Bred for strong stems, White Wedding stands up straight in the field of paniculatas and holds its flowers upright for better shipping and garden performance. USDA zones 4-8. Available to garden centers in 2019.

Skyscraper Senecio Senecio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’ is a fabulous new structural component for succulent gardens. Skyscraper is a strong, upright grower, reaching 3-4' tall in one growing season. No staking or support necessary. In colder climates, can be grown indoors as a houseplant. Full sun to part shade/bright indoor location. USDA zones 10-11. Available to garden centers in 2019.

Terra Nova Nurseries

Begonia ‘Garden Angel Blush’ showcases a mounding, upright habit, with pewter-silver palmate leaves. An easy-to-garden plant for containers or interiors, it blooms small pink flowers in August through September. USDA zones: 7-11. Size: Height: 24”, Width: 18”, Flower height: 24”. Exposure: full shade.

Geum TEMPO Rose is a new favorite! This early bloomer produces a plethora of dark, rose-pink flowers on short, dark stems. This easy-to-grow plant has a long bloom time allowing pollinators to enjoy this gem for months. USDA zones: 5-9. Size: Height: 8”, Width: 12”, Flower height: 21”. Exposure: full sun.

The tough Heuchera LITTLE CUTIES ‘Shimmer’ blooms and blooms and blooms! Enjoy deep pink flowers above dense crowns with striking silver-green leaves. Wonderful in containers, borders, mixed beds or as a house plant. USDA zones: 4-9. Size: Height: 5”, Width: 11”, Flower height: 15”. Exposure: part shade, full shade.

The large, peachy-red leaves of Heucherella ‘Peach Tea’ contrast beautifully with cream-white flowers. This plant is vigorous and compact but gives off a glow of daintiness in the landscape. Keep your borders clean with ‘Peach Tea’ or use in containers, summer borders and mass planting. USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-9. Size: 12”, Width: 22”, Flower height: 17”. Exposure: full sun, part shade.

Sedum ‘Peach Pearls’ is loved for its burgundy leaves, rose-gold flowers, multiple crowns the first year and an excellent habit. You’ll love it even more for attracting pollinators, its minimal water use and the unique color splash! USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-9. Size: Height: 14”, Width: 24”, Flower height: 20”. Exposure: full sun.