New Varieties:

Viking & Viking XL begonia from Sakata Ornamentals, the conquering garden performers! This Begonia semperflorens offers three striking leaf colors — green, bronze and deep chocolate — with an abundance of flowers for massive color impact. Viking series includes eight colors, while Viking XL offers four, including AAS-awarded Viking XL Red on Chocolate.

SunPatiens impatiens from Sakata Ornamentals is one of the leading brands in today’s marketplace. Trusted by growers, retailers, landscapers and consumers — SunPatiens deliver value — three seasons of color in both sun and shade! New colors include Compact Orchid Blush and Vigorous Lavender Splash.

Spring Grandio pansy from Sakata Ornamentals is specifically bred for early spring production. Early blooming across all varieties — more daylength neutral. Incredible plant uniformity and matched bloom time. Series includes twelve bright colors and two mixes.