Garden retailers and judges nominated more than 60 products in this year’s Cool Product Awards at the Tropical Plant International Expo. Organized by The Garden Center Group, the Cool Product Awards includes 17 products from 15 companies. Here’s a quick look at the 2020 winners.

Zamioculcas varigated ZZ Plant
from Aroid Greenhouses

This selection of ZZ plant exhibited the largest amount of variegation the judges had seen. Aroid was awarded a second award for its sansaveria m. ‘Whale Fin’ Snake Plant in a mottled light/dark green andvariegated stripe.

Hanging rooster planter
from Birdplanter

The Rooster follows the original Parrot design, which was awarded last year. The combination of its bright, fun look and sturdy design was a hit with the retail judges.

Dracaena ‘Harvest Moon’
from Capri Farms

This newly patented selection of Dracaena has a very dramatic color effect with bright yellow foliage and thin green vertical bands. Availability for retailers will likely be spring 2021.

Aglaonema ‘SRA’
from Costa Farms

This Southeast Asian native is one of the reddest and most colorful aglaonema ever found. Its green highlights make the colors pop even more. Availability of this new selection will most likely be in 2021.

Codiaeum variegatum ‘Thai Dye’ Series Croton
from ForemostCo

This series features crazy shapes and colors and currently includes four different combinations: Twisted, Gnarly, To the Max and Tubular. They are scheduled for availability in 2021.

Schaueria calytricha ‘Yellow Dancer’ Golden Plume
from Island Tropical Foliage

This selection of Golden Plume features a glossy deep green foliage with a large number of soft yellow blooms.

from Kazumi Garden

Judges were attracted to the creative color twine Kazumi Garden added to their Kokedamas.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Nova Star’ ZZ Plant
from Deroose Plants

This selection of ZZ plant features extremely dark green, almost black at times, foliage.

CARicature Collection
from Eve’s Garden

This new collection of mini gardens is a flashback to the ‘60s when a bug van, beetle and scooters were all the rage.

Alocasia odora ‘Variegata’
from Excelsa Gardens

This selection of Alocasia has extreme levels of variegation. The dark green and creamy yellow contrast produces an eye-catching color.

Cheers Mini Garden Wine Bottle
from Flori-Design

This specially designed multi- level wine bottle lifts off at the top half to allow for watering. Flori-Design’s lighted mini garden lantern was also a winner, featuring a battery-powered light in the top and a carry handle.

TrendSetter Collection
LiveTrends Design Group

From tie-dye to comic-based graphics these containers are host to a variety of plants.

Selaginella uncinata ‘Rainbow Peacock’ Fern
from Morning Dew Tropical Plants

Also known as rainbow moss, this plant’s delicate foliage shows a “peacock-like” blueish color when the light is at the right angles

Ficus lyrata Fiddle-Leaf Fig
from Railroad Nursery

This selection being grown by Railroad Nursery features one of the most upright habits the judges have seen. It has the typical leaf size and color but as you can see in this photo, leaves point upward and reportedly maintain a very upright stature.

Free-Form Artisan Collection
from The Urban Jungle

This new collection provides a soothing feeling with a combination of sizes, shapes and plant varieties, all in a hand-turned terracotta clay. During the awards presentation, The Urban Jungle shared their ideas for this collection as being one to help bring a sense of calmness at the end of a hectic day.