BioSafe Weed Control

BioSafe Systems

Effective and powerful, BioSafe Weed Control kills weeds, moss and algae without harmful chemicals. It’s OMRI certified for organic use, won’t migrate through soil, harming surrounding plants or future growth, and is ideal for garden areas — you can re-seed or plant four days after treatment. BioSafe Weed Control attacks the cell wall of unwanted growth, and results are noticeable within hours. Labeled to use on crabgrass, mustards, bentgrass, dandelions, ragweed, onion, bittercress and more. Great for walkways, vegetable gardens, flower beds and mulched areas. Your customers want a sustainable way to control weeds — BioSafe Weed Control is it!

BugBarrier Tree Band

Environmetrics Systems USA

The BugBarrier Tree Band is a pesticide-free, pheromone-free adhesive banding system that can be installed and removed in five minutes or less. This uniquely designed system consists of a dense, flexible fiber barrier and an adhesive film barrier. When installed, the adhesive faces the tree, eliminating unsightly debris and band failure due to bridge development. In areas infested by insects that climb on tree trunks, banding is becoming the eco-friendly choice. Bands trap the pests in an adhesive, preventing them from ascending the tree to ingest the foliage. BugBarrier Tree Bands are available in 30-foot retail kits and 250-foot kits.