Tatsu Lantern

Unique Stone

Whether you choose several to light a pathway or just one to be a focal point on a patio, this Japanese-inspired cast-stone lantern is guaranteed to add subtle ambiance to the landscape. Its name, “Tatsu,” means “sign of the dragon” in Japanese, and you can see the intricate dragon-scale design spiraling around its base. Beautiful in any setting, it’s especially lovely in contemporary or Asian gardens where its graceful lines and sophisticated styling are right at home. Lantern is 38 inches high, 16 inches wide, 12 inches in diameter at the base and 106 pounds.>

Arabesque wind chimes

QMT Windchimes

Arabesque by QMT Windchimes is the company’s newest and most luxurious line of wind chimes. With gemstone colors and elegant engraved bands that sparkle in the wind, these lovely beauties will be the envy of the neighborhood. They have sophisticated style, are hand-tuned and ready to impress. Arabesque is available in four exclusive colors: Garnet, Emerald, Onyx and Sapphire.