Developed by Colin Horner in the U.K. for Spring Meadow Nursery

Rosa horcogjil

How long has it been on the market?
The fragrant At Last landscape rose is available in garden centers this year.

Sun/shade requirements
Like all roses, At Last rose likes lots of sun, so choose a site that provides full sunlight for at least six hours a day, good air circulation and well-drained soil. If all-day sun is not available, try to choose a location where they get shade in the afternoon, as it can help prolong the quality of the flowers.

USDA Zones

Grows to height/width
At Last will reach a height of about 3 feet tall and a width of 3 to 4 feet.

Consumer care requirements
All Proven Winners ColorChoice roses are disease resistant in the landscape, but normal rose disease prevention methods — avoid overhead watering, clean up debris, etc. — are still recommended. Water regularly and trim lightly to encourage abundant bloom. A 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch applied over the root zone will help conserve water, keep roots cool, and encourage rapid root development.

At Last rose produces a non-stop display of large, sweetly perfumed, sunset-orange blossoms from late-spring through frost. A self-cleaning landscape rose, At Last’s petals fall off when the flowers fade, instead of turning brown and withering on the plant. Glossy foliage and a vigorous, rounded habit make it ideal for use in landscapes and flower gardens.

Key features
At Last rose is characterized by its compact, dense and mounding plant habit; glossy, green-colored leaves; freely branching growth habit; freely flowering habit; fragrant double-type flowers that are deep apricot-orange in color and fade to a light pink with development; resistance to black spot and powdery mildew; and good garden performance.

At Last rose
At Last rose