Just like indoor décor, outdoor ornament trends continue to evolve. Way back in 1995, we reported that concrete or stone geese were heating up, but 25 years later, things are certainly different in the market. Just five years ago, glass globes were seeing an uptick at IGCs, as were fairy gardens. We dug into the numbers of online options from Amazon and Etsy to see what’s been selling well in 2021.

Statues, in particular, are leaning toward the traditional on Amazon, with various gnomes sprinkled throughout the bestsellers, along with a few fairies and fairy homes, but animal sculptures, whether metal or resin, make up the majority of the most popular items.
PHOTO courtesy of garden dÉcor accents
When it comes to outdoor décor, lighting is at the top of shoppers’ lists on Amazon. Bistro lights are taking the spotlight, along with LED options and solar-powered pieces. Globes, lanterns and strings are going solar as well. The solar-powered trend is even making its way to statues, with owls, frogs, turtles and even flowers jumping on board.
On Etsy, bees, beehives, bugs, beetles and other insects are among the bestsellers when it comes to garden ornaments. And keeping with that natural theme, metal bird statues and even metal flowers are selling in large numbers.
PHOTO © Susan Vineyard | ADOBE STOCK
More rustic options are popular on both Amazon and Etsy with wood and resin rabbits, squirrels, frogs and other woodland critters making their way to shoppers’ carts.
Although there are a lot of traditional options available, there seems to be a big market for the unusual as well. From gnome-eating T-rex statues to miniature Bigfoot footprints to glow-in-the-dark alien stakes, it seems the out-of-the-ordinary is popular as well.
PHOTO © modusviv | ADOBE STOCK
A worn and vintage feel is definitely in for garden stakes. From carved wood to farmhouse metal stakes, the most bought items include a lot of herb stakes on Etsy. Over on Amazon, longtime favorites like flowers and butterflies are topping the charts.