All-Day WaterProof Comfort Footwear

1. All-Day Waterproof Comfort Footwear


Keeping their promise to release one farm animal print a year, Sloggers just released the Gaga for Goats Collection. This new print features adorable baby goats at play. The Gaga for Goats Collection is available in waterproof comfort shoes and boots in two colors: sky blue and grass green. Sloggers are made in the USA. Find Sloggers online at or at retailers across North America now here: Join their online community at

Max Grip All-Purpose Work Gloves

2. Max Grip All-Purpose Work Gloves

MidWest Quality Gloves Inc.

MidWest Gloves & Gear has introduced the new Max Grip All Purpose Work Gloves with superior grip and dexterity. They feature a patent pending design for ultimate gripping and puncture resistance. The new MidWest Max Grip Gloves feature a unique palm surface dot pattern for ultimate gripping. The gloves are designed to give an incredible fit and flex and have a knit cuff to keep hands safe and comfortable. The new MidWest Max Grip All Purpose Work Gloves are also latex free.

Hen Pouch

3. Hen Pouch

Udder Tech Inc.

The Hen Pouch is fashioned to protect eggs from bouncing and allows for smooth swaying with your hip while walking, moving and caring for your flock. It is available in two sizes. The single pouch can hold up to six eggs and is recommended for smaller flocks, while the triple pouch holds up to 18 eggs and is recommended for larger flocks of 10 or more chickens. The triple pouch can also be a helpful tool to keep other supplies like scratch grains, a water bottle or a cell phone within reach.


Natural Pumice Rock

1. Natural Pumice Rock


Featherock’s 100 percent natural pumice rock is safe in fire features and can be used as an alternative to lava rock. Pumice combines the natural, rugged look of lava rock with the modern style of fire pit glass. Available in ¼-inch gravel to 6-inch cobbles in 5-pound bags or bulk bags. This is the perfect product for both DIY landscapers and professionals alike!

The Nashville®

2. The Nashville®

Music of the Spheres

The Nashville®, a Music of the Spheres original composition, encompasses the complexities of the major seventh and ninth intervals of the pedal steel guitar. It evokes the serenity of a peaceful Highland Rim sunset.

Rustic Suitcase Planters

3. Rustic Suitcase Planters

Red Carpet Studios

Red Carpet Studios has added new outdoor/indoor planting and décor for 2018, including a set of two suitcase planters in a rustic finish, available in oval or square. Suggested retail for the pair is $89.99. Small stands are 15.75 inches by 6.69 inches by 13.78 inches and large stands are 19.69 inches by 8.66 inches by 19.9 inches. RCS has added over 125 new items to the line, including planters, statuary, spinner stakes and chimes. 877-985-0405.

Single Hole Planter

4. Single Hole Planter


Featherock’s Small Single Hole Planter is now available in a small, half crate of 32 pieces or a regular crate of 64 pieces. Each option has its benefits, with the small crate reducing weight and freight cost, and the regular crate earning an additional 10 percent volume discount. The Small Single Hole Planter is Featherock’s most popular sized pumice planter! Try it as an accent in a fairy garden or as the star of a succulent arrangement workshop.

Wind Bells Collection

5. Wind Bells Collection

North Country Wind Bells®

North Country Wind Bells® has designed and created these original and authentic wind bells on the rugged coast of Maine since 1975. Themes include Nautical, Wilderness, Whimsical and Pets too! There are six collections and over 61 melodies to choose from that fit in any storefront in any part of the country. Retailers tell us all the time that our wind bells are great hits for gift-giving for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings and even bereavements. Proudly made in Maine, USA!

Water Bell Fountain

6. Water Bell Fountain

Woodstock Chimes

The water bell fountain consists of a copper bowl with 10 polished brass bells and a continuous-duty pump. The rhythmic and random sounds of the Woodstock Water Bell Fountain are reminiscent of the natural sounds of a gently flowing stream. Adapted from an original and copyrighted design by artist and musician Ron Snider, it is handcrafted using solid brass bells for high sound quality. Water bubbling up from the center of the fountain in the flamed-finish copper bowl causes two floating bells to gently swirl around six fixed bells, ringing softly when they meet. An adjustable pump lets you control the water flow and frequency of ringing. It flourishes as a centerpiece or accent.

Stardust Shade

7. Stardust Shade

Treasure Garden

Treasure Garden announces for the 2018 season the addition of its latest shade design, the Stardust. A unique shade solution, the Stardust boasts a contemporary star-shaped canopy inspired by geometrics as well as celestial bodies. The 10-foot pop-up umbrella is a shade product that can serve as an outdoor work of art. The umbrella’s eight ribs extend to the canopy points using a “pop up” lift system with a stainless steel pin. Offering 65 square feet of shade coverage, the Stardust carries a 3-year warranty.

Gather Together Door Décor

8. Gather Together Door Décor

Studio M

Door Décor is a new, artful way to decorate your front door for the holidays. Made of layered, durable PVC, each design features a coordinating bow for easy hanging and raised focal elements to provide a dimensional look.

Flower Fairies Secret Garden Collection

9. Flower Fairies Secret Garden Collection

Fairy Homes & Gardens

The new Flower Fairies Secret Garden Collection from Ultimate Source brings Cicely Mary Barker’s charming 1920s Flower Fairies artwork and stories to life. The 23-piece collection features eight Flower Fairy figurines, with accessories ranging from stepping stones to fairy doors and planter kits. Each figurine is 1.6 inches to 3.6 inches tall, made of durable plastic suitable for both inside and outside gardens, safety-tested for children 6 and older, and based on Barker’s winsome fairy creatures — including Daisy, Buttercup, Rose, Apple Blossom, Strawberry, Scilla, Mulberry and Lavender. MSRPs range from $5.50 to $19.99.

Garden & Lawn Tools

Yardmax Power Trackbarrows

1. Yardmax Power Trackbarrows


Offered in multiple styles and weight capacities, the YARDMAX line of track barrows includes a Power Trackbarrow with Hydraulic Assist (1,100 lb. capacity) and Power Trackbarrow with Gas Shock Assist (660 lb. capacity) in hopper or flatbed style options. Special features include a 900 Series Briggs & Stratton engine, tracks for all-terrain traction control, heavy-duty, multiple-speed transmission, zero turn radius, instant stop safety controls, solid steel frame, handles and hopper and removable flatbed sides. Starting price of $2,199


2. Re-Grip


Re-Grip is a multipurpose grip that can be placed on everything from wheelbarrows, spades and shovels to bike handles and fishing poles. It’s an affordable solution for placing or replacing worn-out handle grips on a variety of tools, levers and handles. It’s used by sliding it onto the tool and pulling the tab to unwind the inner coil. The elastic grip will then constrict and form snugly around the handle.


The Salad Box

1. The Salad Box


The Salad Box, available exclusively from Hydrofarm, is great for anyone who wants to keep a constant supply of fresh salad greens and herbs handy and ready for harvesting. It can be used outdoors or indoors under grow lights, and fits perfectly under Hydrofarm’s Jump Start 2-foot T5 Grow Light System. Using a passive hydroponics method, the Salad Box requires no electricity and very little maintenance. Featuring 8 plant sites, the Salad Box includes everything needed (except the water) to turn seedlings into salad. Comes with 8 “Root Wraps,” reservoir tray, lid, top-off bottle, net cups, drain plugs and nutrients.

Seed Tape

2. Seed Tape

Olds Garden Seed

Seed tape is convenient, easy to use and eliminates thinning as seeds are evenly spaced on the paper tape. Countertop displays can be merchandised with your seed displays and multiple placements on endcaps and register checkout counters.


3. Duogrow

SunBlaster Lighting

The Duogrow holds 12 liters of water, releasing it to the roots of the plants in its two pots, as and when the plants need it. This is a great garden for any patio or sundeck. Move your Duogrow indoors with the addition of SunBlaster Lighting and accessories and grow all year round.

Sunburst CMh System

4. Sunburst CMh System


Exclusively available from Hydrofarm, the new Sunburst CMh System combines two extremely popular products — the Sunburst and Phantom CMh systems — into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to small spaces with the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format. The Sunburst CMh has a built-in digital ballast designed specifically to run the 315W ceramic metal halide lamp (included), which in this system operates in the horizontal position. The reflector’s interior is 95 percent hammertone aluminum and offers excellent uniformity and diffusion. Offered in two different lamp color temperature options: 3100K or 4200K and features dual input voltage of 120-240V. Carries a 3-year warranty.

Retail Garden Center Greenhouses

5. Retail Garden Center Greenhouses

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Retail Garden Center outlets have very different greenhouse needs than their commercial production and backyard counterparts might. That’s why Gothic Arch Greenhouses has gone to great lengths to ensure our retail garden center customers have access to the very distinct greenhouses, accessories and supplies they require to help their businesses grow. Ideally, a retail garden center is a complete and comprehensive retail facility with areas for living plants, various products, availability for storage and specified areas for shipping and receiving. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff offers the best customer service in the industry and will get you on the right track. We offer a variety of Retail Garden Centers designed much like a growing house to satisfy your products need for sunlight and appropriate ventilation, so that you are able to sell year round. We provide more economical, mobile, structures that allow additional plant sales, as well as comfort to your customers while shopping. Our complete packages are engineered for simple installation, ready for future expansion and offer superior strength. Within our comprehensive range of structures and products, the possibilities are endless!


6. Fix-N-Grow

Olds Garden Seed

Fix-N-Grow is a legume inoculant, a mixture of beneficial bacteria suspended in easy-to-use granules. These bacteria take free atmospheric nitrogen and attach it to the roots of beans, peas and cowpeas, where it is converted and used by plants.


7. Quadgrow

SunBlaster Lighting

The Quadgrow holds 30 liters of water, releasing it to the roots as the plants need it. Ideal for growing tomatoes, beans, aubergines, peas, peppers and anything else that is a little larger. The Quadgrow can also be moved indoors when desired.


Flower Tower

1. Flower Tower

Eckert’s Greenhouse

Bring the “wow” to your garden center entrance with our pole displays. Bring the “wow” to your local cities with our Water-and Labor-saving baskets. Bring the “wow” to your retail customers with our Weekender Baskets. All of our baskets have an unheard of 10-year warranty. Our iron fits on any type of pole, round or square, 3 to 8 inches. Beautifying the U.S. and Canada from backyard to main street.

Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

2. Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

Southwest Agri-Plastics

Southwest Agri-Plastics is proud to offer Dura-Bench Original and Dura-Bench Ultra plastic bench tops. All Dura-Bench products are engineered to replace wood, wire and expanded metal on greenhouse benches at a comparable price. The non-porous polypropylene plastic material eliminates rot, cracks, splinters, rust and sharp edges that are found on other types of bench tops.

Plants & Seeds

Paperwhites Indoor Growing Kit

1. Paperwhites Indoor Growing Kit

Netherland Bulb Co.

The Paperwhites Indoor Growing Kit includes one ceramic planter, Paperwhite bulbs, growing medium, burlap bag, bow, and gift tag with planting instructions. The ceramic pot is 5 inches by 5¼ inches and comes in two colors: gold and blue. They are available October through December.

Early Italian Purple Garlic

2. Early Italian Purple Garlic

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

Early Italian Purple garlic is an easy-to-grow, extremely productive and vigorous softneck variety of garlic with white skin and purple stripes. It yields very large bulbs with as many as 20 cloves per bulb. Better adapted to summer heat than Italian Late, it is widely grown around Gilroy, Calif., the “garlic capital” of the world, and is one of the best varieties for braiding. This variety matures five to 10 days earlier than most others. Harvest fall-planted garlic the following season in late spring or early summer, about 240 days from planting. Harvest spring-planted garlic in the same season, about 90 days from planting. This easy-growing garlic infuses soups, salads and entrees with a sweet and mild flavor. Early Italian Purple is an excellent keeper and can store for up to ten months. A wonderful variety for inexperienced gardeners and those who like low maintenance gardens.

Pixie Plants

3. Pixie Plants

Central Florida Ferns & Foliage

The Central Florida Ferns & Foliage Pixie Plants mix is a collection of ferns, foliage and succulents for glass terrarium gardens, container mini-gardens or succulent gardens. Its fern selection includes Pteris, mahogany, maidenhair, bird’s nest, Boston types, Selaginella, Autumn, Korean rock and more; to Ficus, ivy, begonias, Peperomia, Fittonia, Pilea, Hypoestes, palms and baby tears. The 2-inch garden plants give mini gardens variety, texture and interest.

Anemone Fantasy ‘Red Riding Hood’ PPAF

4. Anemone Fantasy ‘Red Riding Hood’ PPAF

Plants Nouveau

‘Red Riding Hood’ is a new, thickly petaled, single-flowered rosey-pink selection that is vigorous and fills pots quickly. Covered in blooms from late July to October, this new selection is a grower and gardener’s dream with many flowers and strong, upright stems. Market these as garden plants planted en masse, and perfect for the front of the border, or as a gift plant in a 6-inch pot for late summer impulse sales. Grows to 18 inches.

Edda Boulevard Evipo074

5. Edda Boulevard Evipo074

Donahues Clematis Specialists

A very good plant for growing in pots or containers due to its compact, free-flowering habit. Each flower has six but sometimes up to ten petals, giving it almost a semi double appearance. The central petals are usually shorter and paler in color, the outer petals being purple with a darker reddish purple central bar. All have pointed tips. The plant is repeat flowering from late Spring until early Autumn. Grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet and takes a hard prune in early spring. Available from Donahues Clematis Specialists, Faribault, Minn., 507-334-8404.

Amaryllis Grand Prix Indoor Growing Kit

6. Amaryllis Grand Prix Indoor Growing Kit

Netherland Bulb Co.

The Amaryllis Grand Prix Indoor Growing Kit is built to add beautiful color this winter. The gift kit includes one ceramic planter, one large Amaryllis bulb, growing medium, burlap bag, bow, and gift tag with planting instructions. The ceramic pot is 5 inches by 5¾ inches and comes in three colors: bordeaux, cream and gray. They are available October through December.

Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and Wreaths

7. Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Amanda-Joe Plantations

Wholesale quality Balsam fir Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations direct from the grower. Offer fresh Balsam fir Christmas trees to your customers for the holidays! Complete your offering with decorated or natural wreaths, porch pots, and more. Wreaths are available in a variety of sizes, and styles. We can accomadate orders for both small and large quantities. 819-889-3214;

Organic Seed Collection

8. Organic Seed Collection

Chas C. Hart Seed Co.

From the very beginning, our farms in Maine and Wethersfield, Conn. produced much of the seed we offered for sale. Over the years, we have contracted with growers to produce seed that meets the needs of our demanding family, farmers and gardeners; untreated, weed-free, with a germination percentage that far exceeds the “federal standard.” As USDA “certified” organic varieties became available that still were able to meet those exacting standards, we’ve offered them to our customers. Today, all of the garden seed we offer must still meet every one of those standards, plus we’ve made a commitment not to sell any seed that has been produced through genetic engineering (The GE Free Promise). We offer 24 certified organic varieties in retail packets. These varieties were chosen because they offer many ways to enjoy them; as sprouts, micro-greens, shoots, baby greens, juice, and of course delicious mature vegetables too! There’s even organic nasturtiums for edible flowers.

Rapid Garden Point-of-Sale Systems

Retail Technology

1. Rapid Garden Point-of-Sale Systems

Rapid Garden POS

Green retailers have distinct challenges that standard, off-the-shelf, point-of-sale systems aren’t designed to manage — particularly production oversight of living inventory. Implementing a POS solution built specifically for growers, such as Rapid Garden POS, allows you to effectively:

1. Convert inventory from single units to combined items with production kitting tools. Our system even recommends a suggested price based on items used.

2. Transition growing inventory into larger containers (and price points). Rapid Garden POS works just as easy in reverse for plants that you divide or those that need to be nursed back to a sellable condition.

3. View real-time data, so you can track exactly where your production inventory is and its current status — without the cost of an enterprise-level production management system. Adapt your existing systems and tools into a central solution that manages dispatch and service, delivery, shipping and fulfillment, accounting and more!

The Perfect Plant for Your Website

2. The Perfect Plant for Your Website

The Marketing Garden

The Perfect Plant, a customizable plant and pest guide, is now available for garden retailers on their websites. Within seconds, customers can find exactly what they are looking for and create a shopping list, making your time spent with customers more effective and efficient. This new feature is also great for employees to quickly guide customers to plant choices within your nursery. Available as an in-store kiosk and for your website!