At The Garden Factory in Rochester, New York, bulb sales are “off the chain,” according to store manager Robert James. Business at the garden center has been thriving due to COVID, and where’s there’s interest, there’s demand. Netherland Bulb has been key in serving these customers exactly what they want.

“We’ve seen an increase in everything because everyone has been homebound. I mean, our business has just been booming since spring, but this year alone are my bulb sales — sales are up about 60%. And I’m not really doing anything, that’s the thing — I’m just putting them out!” James says.

The Garden Factory has worked with Netherland Bulb for more than 40 years, and the IGC says its long-time supplier provides quality products. Customers have been buying bulbs “left and right,” James says. Because they are seasonal, customers start buying bulbs in the fall, and then again in the spring. Stocking these are a no-brainer for The Garden Factory.

“It’s been a very good fall so far. The Langeveld family and Netherland Bulb has always given us a great product. I always have a great selection of new items,” James says.

According to James, bulbs always bring in new customers twice year, and offering that niche of Netherland Bulb products is a surefire way to increase profits. This year, he had to pull advertisements because they don’t have enough product to satisfy demand.

“The packaging — everything — is always so top-notch with them. I mean, I’ve dealt with other bulb companies in the past and a lot of them are still very antiquated in their packaging. Netherland always kept up with good pictures and good info on the header cards.” James says. “So, they’ve always helped that way. And they’ve always had POP that you can give out.”

James praises Netherland Bulb for its displays and says it’s one of the perks of selling their products. Plus, it makes searching for bulbs easy for customers.

“One thing Netherland does is they do these racks, and the racks are a very good visual display for people — it’s like a bookcase. So instead, where most of us used to put them on gondola shelving or just on tables, all this vertical racking just really makes a great presentation,” James says.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space and you get a lot of money out of that little bit of space, he adds. James is looking forward to what the bulb planting season has in store and is certain customers will see results with Netherland Bulb products.

“They’re a great company to work with. So, if anybody really wants to get into the bulbs, I’d get in with them,” James says.

Netherland Bulb packets are displayed in sleek, space-saving “bookcase” racks to make the seeds more eye-catching to consumers, says Robert James, store manager at The Garden Factory.