The Glenhaven Approach

A forward-thinking company, Glenhaven Home & Holiday utilizes a direct import strategy to cut out costly layers in the supply chain process. This allows independent specialty retailers to purchase holiday and garden products at the lowest possible wholesale price. With more than 80 years of combined experience working in Asia, our management team enables its customers to buy from the very same Christmas and seasonal products manufacturers who sell to the industry’s leading wholesalers and retailers in the USA.

The Glenhaven Difference

The approach is simple. We connect garden center buyers directly with the industry’s best holiday products manufacturers to receive significantly lower prices and achieve a far higher markup (4 to 5 times) on retail selling price, allowing garden centers to offer discounts and promotions and still drive highly profitable sales.

The idea for this company came from our founder, Tom Durkin. He has spent his 30-plus-year career managing business relationships with hundreds of overseas suppliers in the Christmas, garden décor, and home accents industry. Through buying trips or purchasing online, Tom, along with our staff in the USA and Asia, have helped many independent specialty stores and garden center retailers across the country save money and earn higher margins on their holiday and garden products sales.

Buy Direct. Buy Right.

Glenhaven enables you to buy all your Christmas and Holiday products (ornaments, giftware, seasonal tabletop décor, indoor/outdoor lighting, artificial trees) directly from the leading overseas manufacturers without going through the traditional wholesale middleman in the USA. We manage all the quality control, consolidation, ocean transportation, customs clearance, import logistics, domestic trucking and final delivery of purchased orders directly to our customers’ doors.

Ready to Get Started?

Glenhaven’s top priority is the safety of all concerned. Therefore, the 2021 Christmas season buying trip scheduled for October 2020 has been placed on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can still take advantage of Glenhaven’s buying program. A $5,000 minimum order is needed to accommodate the direct import logistics requirements. For inquires, contact us at

When overseas travel can safely resume, Tom and his staff will ensure your buying trip is comfortable, safe, productive and fun. Our experience and global business expertise will professionally manage all your sourcing, supplier identification, new product purchasing, import logistics and supply chain procurement needs.

Through buying trips and online purchasing, Tom and his staff help IGCs across the U.S. earn higher profit margins on holiday products and décor.