August 2017


Industry News

Takeaways from Cultivate’17

With more than 100 educational sessions and tours, 700 exhibitors and new variety and product zones, it’s difficult to see everything there is to offer at the July trade show in Columbus, Ohio. Editors from the GIE Media Horticulture Group made the rounds, and share their highlights.


Speaking the same language

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s Dr. Alexandra Grygorczyk and other researchers are working to improve communications between the horticulture sector and its consumers.


Go with the flow

Fountains and ponds can be used in a wide variety of ways — not just as a product category, but as a method for enhancing the customer experience.

Ask the Experts

Five questions with Brian Johnson

Containers are a popular solution for small-space gardeners, but offering ways for customers to be creative with their plant vessels can be good business for garden center retailers, according to Brian Johnson of Hold It Mate.

Four questions with Ben Langeveld

Bulbs may have a reputation for easy planting, but Ben Langeveld of Netherland Bulb Co. says retailers have to encourage the “impulse buy” factor to boost bulb sales.

Five questions with Natalia Hamill

To maximize customer success with Endless Summer® hydrangeas, Natalia Hamill of Bailey Nurseries recommends direct engagement with retail customers.

Five questions with Greg Thiel

Growing plants indoors — especially edibles — is a massively popular segment of the industry, and the technology involved is changing constantly. Greg Thiel of Hydrofarm has advice for retailers hoping to keep up with the trending category.

Five questions with Alec Charais

Alec Charais, marketing and communications manager with Bailey Nurseries, provides insights into shrub trends and how the First Editions® brand is meeting market demands, from growers to consumers.

Five questions with Jim Berry

Lush, vibrant tropical hibiscus varieties may speak for themselves, but Jim Berry, owner and president of J. Berry Nursery, has a few tips for retailers looking to boost sales.

Five questions with Shannon Davis

Branding is key for independent garden centers, and any chance to put a logo and store information in front of customers is beneficial. Shannon Davis of the Trunk Mat Co. explains how branding can be affordable and easy.

Five questions with Kristin Nikodemski

With drought impacting several parts of the U.S., many gardeners are trying to make every drop of water count. Kristin Nikodemski, horticulture marketing manager with Arborjet, has suggestions for retailers looking to meet this demand.

Five questions with Mel Limon

Digging tools and chemicals aren’t the only options for controlling weeds, and Mel Limon from Flame Engineering has advice for retailers looking to expand their customers’ horizons.