August 2018


Cover Story

Future for sale

How one garden retailer found new ownership in an unexpected place and other innovative succession planning ideas.

Industry Events

Key retail takeaways from Cultivate’18

AmericanHort’s marquee event features more than 150 educational sessions and tours, in addition to a trade show boasting 650 exhibitors. After attending several sessions and keynotes, we boiled it all down to 16 highlights for independent garden centers.

Industry Trends

Q&A: Food retail insights

Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman from the University of Georgia explains key consumer food trends, technology’s role in food retail and how local production impacts the supply chain.

The demand for dialogue

Routine employee feedback is no longer optional. Use these tips to establish and maintain a regular dialogue with your staff.

2018 Ask the Experts

Four questions with Ben Langeveld

Bulbs may have a reputation for easy planting, but Ben Langeveld of Netherland Bulb Co. says retailers have to encourage the “impulse buy” factor to boost bulb sales.

Five questions with Buzz Sierke

Buzz Sierke of Gothic Arch Greenhouses says the right greenhouse structure can set an IGC apart from its big-box competition.

Five questions with Natalia Hamill

Natalia Hamill, brand and business development manager at Bailey, describes top consumer trends in hydrangeas and explains why Summer Crush is different from other Hydrangea macrophylla on the market.

Five questions with Justin Wisniewski

Geranium Rozanne® has long been an industry favorite and was introduced to consumers via a website where people can learn more about Rozanne and her perennial garden “friends.” The about page personifies Geranium Rozanne, giving her qualities like “resilient” and “adventurous.” Justin Wisniewski, general manager for Must Have Perennials, discusses how the company cultivated a brand that would resonate with consumers.

Five questions with Matt Harris

Matt Harris of Vegepod explains three reasons consumers experience failure with vegetable gardening and shares advice garden centers can offer to customers to help them succeed.

Five questions with Kent Holly

Kent Holly of Haiku Shade explains the importance of installing the right shade structures and accessories to frame products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Five questions with Alex Charais

Alec Charais, marketing and communications manager with Bailey, provides insights into shrub trends and how the First Editions® brand is meeting market demands, from growers to consumers.

Five questions with Sam Kirkland

Inventory tracking and point of sale processing is much easier with the help of technology. Sam Kirkland of Epicor explains why specialized retail software is worth the investment, and which capabilities retailers should prioritize.

Five questions with Shannon Davis

Branding is key for independent garden centers, and any chance to put a logo and store information in front of customers is beneficial. Shannon Davis of the Trunk Mat Co. explains how branding can be affordable and easy.

Five questions with Mel Limon

Digging tools and chemicals aren’t the only options for controlling weeds, and Mel Limon from Flame Engineering has advice for retailers looking to expand their customers’ horizons.