It seems many of our readers are maintaining the status quo since last year. Field-grown trees and container-grown shrubs tied at 21% for crops with the highest sales volume in 2016. Container-grown perennials ranked third with 15%. Last year, container-grown shrubs were in the top spot with field-grown trees in a close second, followed by container-grown perennials.

When it comes to the most profitable plants, there was little change from last year. In 2016, readers ranked field-grown trees as their most profitable plant (23%), followed by container-grown shrubs (19%) and container-grown perennials (14%).

While edibles are still on the radar of many growers, not as many of our respondents this year plan to grow more of the trendy crop. In our survey, readers said they plan to increase production in 2017 of propagation material (56%), container-grown shrubs (53%) and edibles (48%). Last year, 60% of readers planned to grow more edibles, 58% said they’d increase propagation material, and 54% planned to grow more container-grown shrubs.

There are still some shortages in the market, and readers anticipate seeing fewer field-grown trees in the market (36%), followed by container-grown trees (35%) and propagation material (35%).