November 2016

2016 State of the Industry Report

State of the Industry Features

Focus for faster growth

By concentrating on core strengths, garden centers can cut through the product saturation that exists in today’s retail marketplace.

Joining forces

A zoo collaborates with regional IGCs to encourage pollinator gardening with specially trialed varieties.

7 trends to watch in 2017

The Garden Media Group’s 2017 report, Grow 365, forecasts that indoor gardening will become more popular and mainstream.

Q&A: Reinventing the role of IGCs

Former ECGC executive director Ellen May says garden centers provide their communities with much more than beauty, and should continue to emphasize their environmental importance.

Q&A: ‘Fasten your seat belts’

Industry consultant Sid Raisch says IGCs will need to learn fast to keep up with the rapid changes coming to online plant retailing.

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